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Welcome to Southern Value Real Estate Inspections!

Providing quality home inspections to Harris, Montgomery, Walker, Polk and the surrounding counties, including:

Tomball, Houston, Spring, Conroe, Montgomery, Willis, Humble, Hockley, Magnolia, Katy, Wallar, Cypress, Kingwood, Huntsville, League City, Navasota, Richmond, and Richardson, TX

Home Inspection Service, Energy Audits, Thermal Imaging & Commercial Inspections

A Home Inspection is one of the most critical steps toward the purchase of your dream home. You want to be certain your inspection is completed by a trusted and competent home inspector. You want to have confidence in your purchase decisions and confidence in the health and well-being of your new home.

Southern Value Real Estate Inspections has become one of the most trusted and frequently used home inspection companies in the Southeast Texas area because we never lose focus of our clients’ needs. We give all of our clients an inspection which is an unbiased, impartial, third party evaluation of every component and system of a home or building. Southern Value Real Estate Inspections will assist with making confident decisions about your property.

Whether you’re buying a new home and want to be sure of what you’re getting, selling a home and want to eliminate possible problems that could delay or lose a sale, or if you just want a certified professional to inspect and advise you on the condition and maintenance of your current home, Southern Value is here to help you. To build your confidence, call Southern Value Real Estate Inspections today at 281-795-9651 to schedule your inspection.

We provide more than the typical home inspection by including all of the following in our service:

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  • A 400+ point Home Inspection addressing all critical components and systems of your new or resale home.
  • A comprehensive digital report, available on-line, which outlines all identified home inspection issues.
  • Digital Photos and Videos of most home inspection items to help clarify and communicate any home inspection issues.
  • The latest technology and training to ensure accurate and comprehensive analysis of all home inspection items.
  • A personal On-site walk through to help you understand all home inspection issues and suggested maintenance.

We offer all this at a reasonable cost to help you minimize your new home acquisition expenses while providing you with the confidence you want in your home.  Contact us now to learn about our New Client Promotion for home Sellers and home Buyers.

The Bitterness of Poor Quality Lingers Long After the Sweetness of a Cheap Price is Forgotten


What a pleasure to work with such a reliable company. This is how business should be done everywhere!


What a blessing to have them work for us. They truly do have the client’s best interest in mind. They found some major issues that could have hurt us in the long run. You know when your inspector tells you the bad news and says I’m sorry but it just wouldn’t be right to not inform you that they truly have your best interest in mind. In fact we used them on the next home and now have a place that is all ours.

Cathy & Mica

We learned so much about our new home that we would have never known without the help of the expert knowledge from our inspector.

Jaycee & Steve

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